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Monday, July 30, 2007

8 random facts about me (that you don't already know)

via my topography, even though I wasn't tagged!

  1. My primary daily mode of transport is by cab. I only take the bus when I am early, or not tired, or when I leave work early. Hardly ever the case.
  2. I like to keep things to myself. Though it is not healthy, it is often that I am busy or they are.
  3. My main musical pleasures lately are Stellar, music from anime, and the song from Be With You.
  4. My favourite anime is officially Naruto! It is the only anime that can make me laugh and cry and make me think about the importance of the values of community, leadership and friendship.
  5. I haven't cleaned my house in a long time. Because I have no time. The floor is sandy and the toilet is dirty.
  6. Uniforms, or beachwear, do it for some ladies. I like my men in suits and corporate attire. Give me men in tailored suits, silk ties, french-collared, embroidered shirts with cufflinks any day.
  7. I shop like a boy sometimes - in, pick, try, buy, out - especially since I have very little time to shop, and I don't like being in town on weekends.
  8. I need a calculator to do simple math likes 24+7, 4X17 etc.
Okay, now you.