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Monday, March 12, 2007

what I did this weekend

On Friday, I hogged the photocopier for two hours after work and ended up leaving the office at nine plus in the evening.

I missed going to cell group.

Then I went home, and got ready for the Stellar party at Phuture. C came to pick me up and we went, getting Daffy and Kenny along the way too.

We had loads to drink. I had at least two Sex-on-the-beach-es, and some other shooter-types of drinks like 'Illusions' and 'Slippery Nipples'. Also had a Chivas, and a beer.

Then I got home and slept in my makeup! I am a monster. I woke up looking nice and smelling terrible.

I woke and munched on some oatmeal squares, and promptly went and slept through most of the day, save to get up to eat my lunch at three. I also arranged for Elvis to come service my aircon on Monday.

At dinner time we ordered Macs and watched anime. C then went on to play WoW, while I went and cleaned the house. I cleaned all the rooms except the disused study room, and the toilets. I also did laundry, ironing, and changed the sheets.

Then we slept at three a.m. That was when I finished my housework, showered, and lay down to read 'The world according to Garp', and when C finished his in-game instance, showered too, and lay down to read 'Newton's Wake'.

I woke at noon the next day, and we finally made it out of the house (not until I also did another batch of laundry and some more ironing) to eat Hoe Nam prawn mee. Subsequently we went to town to walk a bit, have coffee together and to watch 300, after I needily bought another new skirt and book.

We went to meet C's family for dinner.

I came home, went to buy some groceries, ate some fruit, did more ironing, washed the toilet in my room - my hands are now very raw - and showered. I also did some prep for work tomorrow. (I am conducting some workshops next week. Finally I have an excuse to dress in my suits properly).

Superb weekend. I am going to get ready for bed now. Yummy.

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