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Sunday, March 04, 2007

lovely weekend

Of which, one of the highlights is a new phone. C wanted to buy me a phone for V-day, seeing that he celebrates the occasion. My old phone has been functional, albeit the buttons are hardly working any more and there are no fancy-shmancy mp3 functions, heck, it didn't even have a data cable for uploading pictures. But I hardly had the urgency nor time to shop for a phone till today. So, it is probably more like a Chinese Valentine's Day gift for me. I love this phone: it looks great - nice and glossy and pink and sleek, very yummy to me.

We went to get this phone today; had to wait for about an hour at the Singtel shop in Citylink Mall (good service but you must wait). I bought a new top from m)phosis for work, and some herbal supplements to aid sleep from GNC, and for C I got got him some Echinacea with vitamin B and C as well as zinc, something I just bought for myself lately too.

After the phone shopping we also went to get C some new running shoes. The gal in the Nike shop at Suntec was uber helpful, and completely amazed by C's extreme flat-footedness, and his lack of discomfort wearing shoes not meant for flat-footers.

For dinner we went to the Blue Lobster at Frankel Avenue - we absolutely loved the foie gras we had the last time we went there for C's cousin's birthday dinner, it was the best we have had in Singapore so far, really. But they were out of foie gras! Nonetheless, we still ate there, lovely food as before.

Am now doing laundry, but probably not anymore housework than that and ironing. Will really have to soon, though.