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Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Tonight was a yuppie night because I had a weekday dinner at an Italian restaurant in town, and a pot of tea in an English-type tea room thereafter.

But nothing beats coming home; it is here that I can chill like no place else.

I read and probe the internet, shower, chat on the phone. Have a beer, think, write, and probably read some more. Nothing beats this. Especially even more so when the flat is still clean like it is now.

I think the whole concept of 'chilling out' is a yuppie idea. Kids 'hang out', young working adults 'chill out'. It is a wonderful feeling, being an urban adult.

The only yuppie thing I am not doing is going out for drinks or a party on a weekday night. It is all rather staid and homely for me. My nightly beer does not count. I like it this way, but then again I also like opportunity.

Opportunity is a vital factor in sexual attraction. Some like the idea of a challenge - someone obviously unavailable or who plays hard to get, that kind of thing. A challenge is an opportunity to be earned against the impossibilities. Others like the idea that someone is single and looking for someone.Or the fact that he or she likes you, the possibility of things, that makes for compounded attraction. Either way, the idea of an opportunity makes attraction even more compelling.

Not that I will die without a party and drinks on a weekday night. I feel pretty chill now anyway. Years ago when I was still at the bank, I remember the post-work drinks I had. I was always dead tired when I went (in time for happy hour or ladies' night), and even tireder when I left for the night. The best thing about these dos is the alcohol: lovely champagne at Centro, lovely Hoegaarden at Bala, that sort of thing. The company was sadly besides the point, and the music, forgettable. And I felt sad often. Those weren't exactly good days really, save the alcohol.

The cynicism and entertaining of different people, desirable or otherwise, in my flat. All that too.

I rather the way it is now. Happy, and chilling out in lovely company, that including myself.