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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

e's 2006

inspired by Syl.

Best food: oysters from that restaurant along Bondi Beach, foie gras from Memoir, fried oysters from Old Airport Road, ice-cream, all with C.

Biggest moment of fear: none, save the times I have had to investigate weird noises outside my flat when I am alone, or when my parents try to call me 'urgently'.

Best holiday: Sydney.

Most stressed holiday: none, but Yangon comes close since it wasn't a holiday.

Nastiest incident: nothing that wasn't dealt with, mostly through a lot of shouting at the top of my voice.

Most expensive purchase: new laptop, but C paid for most of it.

Best surprise: none.

Biggest announcement: leaving the business.

Biggest lie: 'I'm tired.'

Most painful experience: times when I quarrelled with C, and that perhaps gastro-scope I had to do.

Most embarrassing moment: none that I couldn't live with.

Biggest moment of achievement: having more than enough in the bank.

Most awkward performance: But I don't perform anything!

Best compliment: 'You're pretty.'

Most agitated but composed moment: when I try to reason with C.

Biggest crush: of the year? C! Oh my gosh I am so smitten with him.

Most amusing comment during work: too many to recollect!

Worst and most hilarious dinner: worst dinners would be the ones I didn't want to go for but turned up anyway, the hilarious one has got to be the New Year's Eve party (not actually a dinner) when Kenny turned up in a dress even though he has no boobs for it.

Biggest nightmare in my line of work: when someone turns up too late or almost not at all. Argh! Screw all of them!

Moment of helplessness: when even the simplest things seemed impossible.

Most flattering moment: when Eujin conferred upon me the Best Girlfriend Award. That's recognition, man!

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