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Sunday, August 06, 2006

stomach pain

Yesterday, after dinner, I had a harrowing experience involving pain and my tummy. At first, I felt bloated, and before sleeping, I decided that too much bloating meant digestive issues at hand that needed to be solved, with Omeprazole. Which I downed, and went to lie down, as early as I could.

Subsequently, the bloatedness changed to pain - cramps that bordered on the kind you get with diarrheoa, or IBS, or related. It hurt so much, I kept thinking - lacerations, for some reason. Because my stomach felt like there were cuts inside. I went to the toilet, and subsequently took a Tramadol, which is meant for severe pain, an opiate for pain-relief without any damage to the stomach lining. It helped lull me to sleep, one of the wonders of sedatives.

In the end I had to go to the loo another two times, once at one a.m, and another time at six a.m. This sounds gross, but I stared inside the toilet bowl thereafter, to determine if I was really bleeding inside. There were streaks of darker brown, but I still couldn't be sure unless I went for one of those kinky ass-swipes.

I went to sleep again, and for a long time, still heavily sedated by the Tramadol. When I awoke, I took another Omeprazole, and had to go to the loo again. I prayed hard, although my mind was fuzzy and my throat was dry, I mimed the lyrics to a worship song I composed years back.

And then, the pain was gone. Thank You God.

At first instance when I awoke, I asked C if we could just have our lunch downstairs, because I felt too weak and in pain, despite the Tramadol, to go anywhere further than Ubi for lunch. After I went to the loo and prayed I felt so much better, so we managed to go further than home for lunch.

We had Hoe Nam Prawn Noodle for our rather late lunch, at about three in the afternoon. Yum. Best in Singapore. And near home enough too.