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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

on writer's moments

I haven't written much lately here, and I am sorry for it. To be honest, I don't really know why exactly. For strange reasons, regular coffee and cat moments no longer stir me to write, perhaps because I read much of these kinds of moments on other sites, then they become trite, and I hate to be part of the trite-production.

So I need to write about other things, but they are rarer, these other things.

All I can think of, is telling you about myself.

Or of writing something serious that no one will want to read unless I force it upon them.

Else I write secrets in my Journal, and then I decide to hide it, because they are scarring secrets, for the reader not for me.

I am sorry, the twenty of you who come by almost everyday to check on me. This is a silent Avalon.

I will try again soon. To find more writer's moments actually worth writing about. They are always there, these writer's moments, but I deem most of them to be of so little worth I am bound to hardly even try.

Till now, at least these are words, a quickie for the reading whore.