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Monday, August 14, 2006


I finally went and joined the Personal MBA site so I can participate in discussions. I hate to come across as sounding elite but it has become so critical that I can find someone to bounce management thoughts off through writing, and I am so cooped up with them thoughts now that I might explode if I didn't do something about it.

I find that I learn best through writing. Not reading, listening, doing, or talking. This revelation of my learning style is my application of what I have learnt from reading Drucker, about knowing how you learn. I get things done through writing them out. They may come out in a mess at first, and I have to bear with it, but in the end I do come out with something meaningful, at least I believe so. I think this knowledge of how I learn also resonates with how I think: in words, arranged into sentences and phrases, and in bullet points. I think I am a monster; who thinks like that?

While I am in the process of writing out a plan or a task of a system, my mind is in confusion, like it is now. I just hope writing what I just did here, helps, and so will sites like the one I have joined.