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Sunday, July 16, 2006

things I crave right now

via my topography

(beause I suddenly have little to say via blogging)

  1. the panadol that I accidentally threw away while cleaning out the kitchen
  2. time, to do cleaning on the rest of the house
  3. a strawberry frozen margarita from alley bar
  4. a new home entertainment system to replace the busted sony one
  5. my dvds from hollywood clicks
  6. bleach anime new episodes please please please
  7. a new bottle of my Clarins Multi Active Day Gel and freebies alongside too
  8. Biotherm's Abdo Choc to get rid of all my extra fat (combined with sit ups etc. they are cheaper than new clothes, that I badly need because I cannot wear many things I own now)
  9. new clothes shoes bags and accessories
  10. new pillows, and other bedding accessories
  11. being able to finally buy my own diamonds and such
  12. writing, properly
  13. wearing my lips red like I used to when I dressed corporate
  14. some nice home-made soup by my mom or maybe C's maid
  15. petai, cooked by my mom: best in the world
  16. more money please
  17. sleeeeeeeeeeeeep

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