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Saturday, September 10, 2016

I need help in my recovery.

During the past week, I discovered this truth in clarity.

It was not just one factor alone that led me to that day. My medical bills were as a result of my illnesses, my illnesses render me too incapacitated to work for money to pay this bills. My illnesses brought me to a very low point in energy and strength, physically and mentally, which resulted in heavier medical costs. But being in such a low point, I found myself unable to even ask anyone for financial help.

I cannot stop leaching money because my illnesses are chronic; I cannot be cured fully, ever. I will always cost money. Only the solution of my non-existence was viable for me in that state.

As a result, because I survived, I ended up spending almost half a year, in two different hospitals: Changi General Hospital, and St. Andrew's Community Hospital. In CGH alone, my estimated bill was over $40,000 for two surgeries and a 10 week stay. 

If you would like to help me with a crowdfunding campaign, please email me at avalon.apart@gmail.com to reach out. I want to focus on my physical and mental health and recovery, but eventually I need help with the amount of money my health and recovery costs. Yet, I am still at the state where I don't yet have the strength and energy to administrate a fundraiser. What is to a normal person merely the click of a few buttons, is to me a logistical monster I cannot handle.

Consider if you can help me set up, promote and frequently update a crowdfunding campaign. If you think this is something you would like to help me with, please reach out.