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Friday, April 13, 2012


I wake every morning and check my Twitter to see how many hours I logged sleeping at night. Then I go through that horrible struggle to become awake - actually awake - so that I can start on my kitty work. An arduous process, but I usually achieve it.

I have an obsession with my work. I stay alive for it: literally, it is one of my main concerns whenever I struggle with any suicidal ideations. It is also my occupational therapy and something that makes me feel useful because I rarely fuck it up.

Today I don't feel all that wannabe productive. Maybe because my psychiatrist's appointment today is in the afternoon and it seems to break the pattern of the entire day.

I see days in thirds. No it is not because of my art background. I see it as morning, afternoon and night, that is all. Because kitty work is done in all three parts of the day. It ain't a nine-to-six job after all.

Okay, I merely typed this to test out a new blog to twitter feed app because I need to recallibrate the cat blog's one.