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Thursday, January 14, 2010


Room rental prices are sky-high crazy right now. I used to rent for $450 at the most for a common bedroom, now they are starting at $550 even for unfurnished rooms. My current spare room is being rented out at $450 which I have already raised twice from $350.

My tenant is a quiet gal who doesn't do her laundry at home nor cook, which is a bonus with the clutter-less feel she gives. The only problem is that she hates my cats and indirectly prevents me from keeping more, which I feel guilty about especially with the visit of this cutie.

And I can't drive her away for a higher rental income, I don't want to do that and make her homeless, not when she hasn't yet bought her new place. That and the possibility that I might not rent out the room again after she leaves; I want to turn it into a workspace again, because it has great light, suitable for teaching, painting, etc. I can extend my library of books inside the room, reducing the current overcrowding on the shelves. For now, I still need the rental income because I cannot afford the price if my tenant leaves now.