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Sunday, May 03, 2009

cat blog

I have a new blog, to focus on the cat-affairs that happen in my neighbourhood. J dubs it the Ubi Kuching Project - things we do to help take care of the stray cats in our neighbourhood. It also offers adoption prospects, from our neighbourhood pet shop Angels Pet Shop. (Adopt animals! Don't buy!)

It also is a place for me to talk about the cat stories that spring up, be it from the two cats we now have, or the strays that visit us. I have always loved stray animals, and till today still miss my Dog who grew up with me during my teenage years. She was a stray that found me, just like Slinky who found me when I needed her most.

Let me know if you want a kitten, or if there are people you know who are looking for a new pet cat. Visit me at Ubi Kuching Project.