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Thursday, April 03, 2008


Watching DVDs:
Ray - loved it terribly, is on my list of favourite movies now.
50 First Dates - dreams are powerful in love.
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - thanks to Daffy and DW who both have recommended this film to me before. Romantic and very true too.
Letters from Iwo Jima - I like war-flicks.
The Pursuit of Happyness - an ai-piarh-jia-eh-eyah story, and a good movie for any sales person.

I admit I was a bit slack in the last week or so, but I am going to work out for 40 minutes every other day now.
Electronica is really good to work out to. I like The Crystal Method's Drive album. I also use podcasts from Stellar and Gareth Emery, to work out to, and they usually last more than around an hour's length, perfect for exercise.

Slowly but steadily I am back on my books. My general attention spans and cognitive aptitudes are not really 100 per cent Elaine yet but I am continuously reading my current stash of books.

I took on a freelance copywriting job to help Priscilla's company out. It is not much but it is easy to do, and with some side income too.

For leisure, I would really like to drive myself towards this whole 'citizen journalism' thing here on my blog, but my recent posts: here, and here awakened people towards saying that I (a) need to 'change myself first', I guess meaning I need to 'change myself' to get out of the sickness I have. So all you who are not feeling well - flu? cancer? gastric problems? The solution is to 'change yourself' yeah, all the best on that one, and to all doctors, sorry you aren't needed no more; (b) am covering up the 'shame' of myself by raising awareness about clinical depression to my readers. I guess WHO's prediction of clinical depression being the world's number one health concern in 2010 means that we should shut up about the disease and not help out our fellow man; (c) I am a 'psychopath' for having 'tracking devices' on my blog. Raise your hands if you blog and have a site-meter or comment moderation to some extent on your blog. This gal says you are a psychopath.

In my folly I deleted these comments to clean up my blog, and to not ruffle the feathers of mine and my readers. This time around, say what you will, I am leaving your cutting and unfair remarks up here. And no I won't ban your IP address, I love people to read me, I really do. This is why I web-publish what I write sometimes, on this blog.

Other than leisure-writing on this blog, I honestly haven't been writing much else, save in notebooks, and about trite topics.

I have been buying CDs, and listening to loads of music, from classical jazz to electronica. I also tried to play Corrinne May's The Birthday Song on the guitar for my BFF Shuyi. Thankfully, it turned out to be an okay 'performance'. I will keep on singing and playing my guitar.

Shopping, and spending time with people. Ask me out or make a date to come visit me at my flat. I love parties!