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Monday, May 07, 2007

c at my house

C usually comes over to my place to spend the weekend, and Tuesday nights too. I seldom spend time at his place because:

His room is too messy and dusty and I often fall sick there.
His bed is too small, only a super single.
Logistically I will need to bring more things out to spend the night at his place, as compared to him.
If I spend the weekend there, it will mean I cannot do any laundry that week.
I like to be alone and sometimes he too will rather it be just us two.

So, it means he comes over more often than I go over.

Of late he is beginning to get less whiney about not spending enough time at his own home. He quotes the need to spend time with his family and such sometimes, but less lately. So, I am glad. Although we have no money to get married at least we have some semblance of togetherness. I like to stay at (my own) home and I like being with just him and so this really makes me very loved and happy.