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Wednesday, February 07, 2007
I have been diligently trying to be aware of my spending and all that. (Lunch was accounted for at $3.70). I enjoyed the lunch, re-reading a book, enjoying the afternoon breeze, and having a coffee - this coffeeshop sells kopi-c at the same price as normal kopi, whee! I save ten cents. Then I spot the enticing shops opposite, namely the hardware store, and the shampoo shop. Very auntie, I know. So I start scouring my mental budget if I could afford, say, some new glasses for the house, or whether I should replace the exfoliator I have run out of. Is this what controlled spending feels like? Anyway, I was all inclined to pop in these stores, when, I get a tummy-ache. Saved by shit, literally, I went home after my lunch instead. Shop aisles almost never fail to give me a tummy-ache, which meant that if I went in there, I will definitely be very ill in my tummy, like a tummy-ache times two.

Anyway, now I am heading to Parkway to do real shopping. Ha!